Taking On The World

I have been making some adjustments lately.

In the New Year I will be teaching an art class for a homeschool co-op and I have dedicated 5  Saturdays to helping with creative projects for my church.

I am thrilled at both of these opportunities, because they give me a chance to interact with different age groups and try new things. Teaching is not about following a static curriculum, it is about what you learn from your students that you can turn around and teach again.

To teach is the greatest act of sharing a person can give.

Painting is not all about painting. Painting is an easier way to express color or value than with stiff drawing tools. The number one reoccurring issue that I run in to while trying to teach a visual concept is helping people describe what they see. Color is a sort of candy coating for the concept underneath.

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Here is how it works:

  1. Find the scene of which you want to portray.
  2. Ask yourself, why do I find this scene interesting? What is my point of interest?
  3. Do a simple drawing. The drawing should show how your eye takes you to the point of interest. A small line drawing, called a thumbnail, should do.
  4. Do another drawing where you can see where the dark areas relate to the white areas. This is called a value composition. The greatest contrast should be where your point of interest is.
  5. Once you are happy with these two steps you can translate it to your paper or board that you paint on.
  6. Then create a painting over this design as the line drawing relates to the movement and the value comp relates to the pattern of light.

You are an artist, now take on the world.


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