Watercolor Challenges

How texture keeps it interesting.

How texture keeps it interesting.

It was a beautiful fall day in October. I was prepared to do a unique painting. I just couldn’t find an area at Pickerington Ponds to paint. I traversed well over a mile to get to this bird watching spot and yet I could not find anything unique or interesting. Well I was fighting against time as well. As soon as the sun sets the Columbus MetroParks are effectively closed.  But my hours of stalling and leisure photographing also caused a problem I had not anticipated -My digital camera’s battery went dead. What next? As a live painting should go (even indoors) there are bound to be challenges that you just cannot anticipate.

Where do you start?

  • Portability is an essential element to painting live. Even French easels (which fold up into a box of sorts) are not portable enough in some instances.
  • Practicality is another element you want to consider. Don’t bring anything that you will not need for your painting. Mixed media and collage do not go well outdoors.
  • Planning is something to do in advance to save time. My main failure was not keeping to the schedule. Read the map of where you want to go and make a good estimation.
  • Alternatives to your technological and supply woes are a great way to plan. My camera went dead, so I used my camera on my flip phone. It wasn’t great, but it got me through. With supplies you want to make sure to have things like toilet paper, pencils, extra brushes, extra paper, and paper towels.

Before you go to paint anywhere consider all of the things required to make a successful painting, plan accordingly.


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