Where Do Watercolor Painters Start?

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Hopefully you see a progression in the images above.

I now understand why so many people fear watercolor painting like skydiving.

In college I learned a lot of things about art. A lot of lessons had to do with quality and presentation.

An advantage of living in an urban area is that you are exposed to many new ideas. My youth was spent in a semi-rural small town. A lot of the ideas we had about quality were limited by our lack of access to resources. I only knew or had access to 1 or 2 professional artists up until I reached college. This limited my understanding of the field and what I could accomplish.

The internet has vastly expanded our access to knowledge, resources, people, and education. Anybody within a reasonable distance of a library has the ability to get a college education, even if they are nowhere near a college. You can order almost anything if you have the money and motivation to find it.

Watercolor painting is no exception. But you really don’t need much to do a simple painting.

Here are the basics:

  1.  2 Brushes -1 flat and 1 round (make sure that it says for watercolor use, at least for starters)
  2. A water jar
  3. Watercolor paints (tubes or blocks like the above)
  4. Watercolor paper (preferably 140 lb. or heavier and it should say for watercolor use)
  5. Rag or paper towel
  6. A clip board
  7. Paper
  8. Pencil
  9. Eraser

Don’t kill yourself with the details if you are just starting out. Find a picture, person, animal, or object and go to town. Notice that there are no size requirements.

Just get over your fear and work on it!


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