Value Your Watercolour Painting

When I first tried watercolor painting on my own I failed miserably, because I looked at nature in it’s entirety and expected that I could translate every detail into my painting.

I was given an activity by my professor to remedy this problem. I was told to go out in nature and paint only the negative spaces I saw with one color.

Follow The Leader_3Creeks_5-2-14

Practically it is easier to visually imitate negative spaces with one one color using a pencil or a sharpie, watercolor varies too much in value.

Detailed renderings of subjects in nature are time consuming.

When you are seeking excellence, you really should work out the details, but do not do it in excess.

Places that details belong in your watercolor painting:

  1. Your point of interest

  2. Visual information that brings your eye back to your point of interest

  3. Some specific subjectmatter in the foreground

When you think about your next watercolor painting consider these areas above. There is no rule that requires you to have all three. Pick one or two for that painting. Use only three if it makes sense to do so.

Most important, make conscious choices about what to include and exclude.



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