Paint Your Imagination In Watercolor

It was a cold day in late October last year.

Would my student arrive?

I peroused around the grounds of the park.

On the pond was where the most activity took place -a wildlife meet-up.

Geese and ducks popped in and out of the water. The true social animals hanging out for a little bit with the group then flying off like ostracized teenagers. 

I could not pass this opportunity up.

I snapped photos and then got to work on a little painting.

What images that we see in nature quickly pass. Light never stays the same. No tree, no rock, and especially wild animals would stay as you see them. 

It is for the artist -the impressionist, the post-impressionist, and the expressionist to tell the stories from nature. This requires imagination.

The fundamentals of art are the key licenses that give artists the ability to create. The message of your watercolor painting is not truly delivered without planning. Otherwise you send mixed messages.

3 On The Pond

So look for these things when you sit down to conceive your next painting. 

  • Repitition- Numbers have meaning
  • Colors- One color placed next to another has a representational meaning
  • Character- Sometimes your subjects (including inanimate objects) tell stories by their shapes and positions
  • Atmosphere- However you color or position your subject will create different types of tension
  • Elements- Various objects, people types, and animals positioned together carry meaning like colors contrasting each other

So you have some ideas to chew on above. I will definitely write more on imagination later, but these keys will benefit you in your next watercolor painting. Remember to be creative.


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