Photography, Drawing, and Watercolor Painting

I haven’t always had the option to shoot a picture and then see it on the screen. I shoot a lot of pictures now that I have a digital camera. Just walking down the street I see hundreds of composition, color, and subjects waiting to be photographed.

A wake-up call came for me about six years ago when I hadn’t created a fininished art piece for a while. A caretaker for a local gallery challenged me to practice drawing daily. I eventually went back to my college training in drawing and still practice it regularly.

Today, I am beginning to implement warm-ups even for watercolor painting as I have for pencil drawing, chalk pastels, and inks.

The best approach to creating the best art you can is to always be on the fringe of your comfort zone and then pushing past it into new territory as often as possible.

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Take these points to heart:

  • Fundamentals of art always create a great broad foundation to build on.

  • Reading and studying other artists in and outside of your field increases your creative options.

  • Don’t be scared of what you don’t know. Always look for practices that solve YOUR problems.

  • Be honest with yourself about your skill level. If you find a new way to do someting you WILL grow and encourage other people.

Your skill as a watercolor painter will develop, but it will be a character issue as much as it is a practice of skills. When you have begun and built your comfort level with the process more options will be open to you. So, keep at it!



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