The Benefits of Watercolor Painting In Groups

July 4th was a beautiful day. Though, it was very windy at Pickerington Ponds people were walking, running, and riding their bikes around the classes meeting point.

Some years back my friends and I would go paint and draw at Columbus parks. My friends and I had a sign that said “Artists Going Somewhere Prayer at 1:40.” We stood outside of our church and waited to see if we had any takers.

We understood that one of the things that makes a class more than a class and a true experience is the relationships you build.

When we would go out we would have extra supplies and plan for some food.

You could say that the friendships that deepened happened because we shared an important part of ourselves -our art.

So when you go out to do art publicly consider the benefits of taking friends and meeting and networking with new people.

Some people are self-conscious about their skill-level and that is okay.

Being honest about where you are at is a good thing, but it should not stop you from enjoying an activity.

2 Eagles

Featured in the photo is the July 4th are the paintings my student, Chris and I did.

Consider these benefits to watercolor painting in groups:

  • You may learn a new technique from another people
  • Other people will ask questions you did not think of
  • You can help other people
  • You can get feedback from other people
  • You will learn of other opportunities to grow and thrive
  • Fear of the unknown is easily disolved if others go through the new experience with you
  • Other people tend to encourage, instead of berate

From this list I know you can think of more reasons to go out with a group. Whatever your reason, it is a great thing for you on most occasions.



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