Get Jazzed…To The Max About Watercolor Painting!

I thought my painting was over -Kaput!

What a horrible feeling -Failure!

I did this little demo in the Vineyard Community Center last year when no students showed up for my class. The lights in the lobby were weird, so my watercolor painting looked off. It stunk, three ways to Sunday. Could it be saved?

Yet, when I thought all was lost I put thick paint, watery splatters, and scratches all over my precious tree.

Summer Tree has resonated with many people and now I want to share how you go from depressed and unmotivated to getting jazzed…to the max about watercolor painting!

Summer Tree

Simply put- There is no better teacher than failure.

In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell said it takes 10,000 hours to become extraordinary in your area. What do you think you do during those hours? Practice!

With watercolor painting you can only subtract the paint marginally. What is done is done.

However, most of your watercolor paintings will not faithfully look like your reference. This is a good thing.

To paint outside of the box and continue to be excited about what you are painting you need to enjoy yourself. Getting over frustration is often half the battle and doing the work gets you most of the way there. The only thing left after you have done the work is finishing your art.

When you break loose from box of preconceived expectations you can get jazzed…to the max about watercolor paintings.

Here are some techniques I use to overcome the barrier of myself. Try these at the expense of loving watercolor:

  • Throw watery paint splatters
  • Put a random color “X” somewhere on your painting
  • Create texture with a stick, rock, or other pieces of nature lying around
  • Tone the paper after you finish your underdrawing
  • Walk away for a while -an hour, a couple of hours, or a day should do
  • Show your friends
  • Paint with new colors
  • Paint something with a different media altogether
  • Finger paint
  • Switch brushes

What do you want to try? What would get you excited about watercolor painting?



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