Put Some Character In That Watercolor Painting!

Sitting down on a cold fall day with my friends, we painted until our fingers got numb and the sun was almost down. I painted my friends painting a tree scene in a local park. They used brushes and I used sticks.

My use of sticks as painting tools in my watercolor wasn’t intentional at first. I was just having fun.

Who would’ve thought that using sticks would be more fun than learning proper painting techniques?

In “The Cloud” I regressed in my painting technique. I used school oval palette paints. The paints that most people are familiar with as watercolor paints. I use them on occasion, but their are some that use them all the time.

The Cloud

Your fingerprints are unique and so is the way you use paints and a brush.

Character is created in motion and strokes and color choices. Maybe you don’t have a clue as to how to find the character necessary to find your voice (your unique usage of media and technique). You can steal some of mine:

  • Use expression liberally
  • Use emotion liberally
  • Work quickly
  • Use all sides of your brush (including the wood tip)
  • Use your hands
  • Use found materials -sticks, rocks, dirt, leaves

You are an extraordinary painter! If you think creatively through the whole problem solving process of your watercolor, your paintings will stick out and you will improve incrementally. So, what are you waiting for?


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