Appreciate Beauty With Watercolor

Thankful for Painting Friends 11_5_14My main incentive for going out that day was R&R.

I just wanted to take in the beautiful fall colors and break a sweat.

Life is just more enjoyable if you can appreciate beauty.

It was about a week later when I executed the painting in my studio from a photo I took on my phone.

Watercolor painting requires patience. I know that oil painters have to wait for their paintings to dry, but watercolor painters have to be patient with their colors and values. When you find something beautiful you have to be patient with yourself to execute your passionate image into a form that you can further enjoy. I like to be where I do my painting when I paint, but when the weather does not permit, I will paint from a photo.

On-site or with a photo in hand you can control where the viewer’s eye goes.

The more visually pleasing the more compliments you will get and the more satisfied you will be.

Put the following elements into practice and you will nail visual literacy.

  • Value Contrast -Create depth by making the objects in your background the lightest, your middle ground a little darker, and your foreground the most detailed.
  • Large Vs. Small -Making accurate proportions creates an interesting piece. Perspective and relative height variations are necessary to sell the piece.
  • Motion -Silly as it sounds  a flat piece of art does have a sense of movement. Everything in your piece should have the effect of moving toward the primary point of interest and then to a second and third interest point. All action should stop within the frame of the art.
  • Color Contrast -Silly as it sounds, colors are important in trapping the viewer in your art. Just make sure that color is not muddied by having close values next to each other inside your point of interest. Using a color wheel to learn this is a valuable tool.

There you have it. If you are looking for a way to create a beautiful composition you should try out these points listed above. Remember that you have to be the one to determine what is interesting first and then apply these points to verify your works quality.


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