Press On To Win The Prize

Press On To Win The Prize 7_24_15

Press On To Win The Prize was a watercolor painting I did as a birthday gift to myself on July 24. I finished it the following week. I created this painting at Blacklick Woods Metro Park.

I found this spot in the shade facing the field in front of the trail. The sky was a perfect blue with these little clouds slowly rolling across it. The scene demonstrated wildflowers, butterflies, and birds. They passed in and out while I was painting, giving me plenty of incentive to include them. What a wonderful birthday gift from Father God! To communicate our human interaction with nature, I needed a person naturally involved in creation. I thought all was lost. Just as I drew in my scene on the watercolor paper, a runner passed by my line of sight on the trail –Perfect! I am a runner and can relate to the joys and struggles of running.

The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

This is specific commentary on observations, understanding, and judgments from the painting process.

  • Use the shape of the landscape to create interest
  • There is value even in the smallest, most delicate people and things
  • Stay steadfast in keeping your foreground established, even against an interesting background

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