Where Does The Wild Goose Go?


Where does the wild goose go

It was a beautiful day in the Spring and I was out painting with the Central Ohio Plein Air group for the first time this year at Whetstone Park in Clintonville.

The light was so vibrant. There were soccer games and people out by the pond. All sorts of people were going up and down the trails -bicyclists, families, runners, and people walking their dogs.

The purple-blue shadow  from the interior of the cinder block shelter house drew me into the scene. Though I was in nature making the watercolor painting, it made me feel like an observer to a wonderful drama. I could now watch with intent focus the lushly lit scene going on in front of me. As much as the natural light would lend itself to me I attempted to achieve a  complimentary painting with yellow/purple contrast in mind.

The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

This is specific commentary on observations, understanding, and judgments from the painting process.

  • What appears white visually can have a multitude of colors in it, paint with the shadow in mind
  • Reflection curves and distorts, its not always a 1-to-1 reverse, use observation over symbolism
  • Red will often make your figures stick out, use sparingly

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