Cross-hatch Apples

Cross-Hatch Apples

The apples were just sitting on my table: red and green and red. I love apples in the fall. They are crisp and their taste is fresh and clean. Some of my favorite apple derived foods are: apple cider, apple pie, apple crisp, and hot wassail.

My imagination was fired up. I took them to my studio and broke out my watercolors and Bristol board. This was my practice for the day and they looked delicious. I intended to capture all of their scrumptiousness in this little image. I stacked them up in a little apple pyramid and went to work. I tested my drawing skills in cross-hatching and my painting skills in transparent watercolor washes. What fun!

The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

This is specific commentary on observations, understanding, and judgments from the painting process.

Cross-hatch Apple Recipe:

1 Small piece of smooth Bristol board about 2.5″x3.5″

1 Sharpened 2 HB pencil

1 Brush-Flat or round doesn’t matter, just small enough to navigate your card

1 Squirt of red watercolor

1 Squirt of blue watercolor

1 Squirt of yellow watercolor

1 Squirt of brown watercolor

3 Apples


  1. Stack your apples in a free standing pyramid shape. Prop them up if you have to.
  2. Make sure you have enough light. Direct a lamp for effect.
  3. Draw solid shapes with your pencil. Use angular motions to create a cross-hatching effect for the background and shadows.
  4. Make your paint watery. Test it to make sure it is transparent.
  5. Lay your colors in this order: Blue, Yellow, Red, and then brown.
  6. Mix green and paint green where you see it.
  7. Mix purple and paint purple where you see it.

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