Through The Storms of Your Life…

Through the storms of life with the wife of your youth

Painting Through The Storms Of Your Life With The Wife Of Your Youth I actually saw this couple discussing their lives together as the cold winds blew the dark clouds by in my imagination.

The empty steps were occupied by this older couple in deep conversation. Both in trench coats. Her in a flowery hat and him balding on top. Bright yellow leaves were even more illuminated as it got darker, eventhough they only speckled the tree behind the couple.

The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

My friend and I sat in Scioto Audobon painting from some floor to ceiling windows. This is how you you paint an outdoor painting from the inside:

  1. Look for the view with the least amount of obstructions (window sills, posts, etc…)
  2. Angle to catch a view you are interested in
  3. Make sure there are no glares in the window to obstruct that view
  4. Paint the scene beyond any massive foreground objects

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