Fog: A Tall Tale

Fog Tall Tale WC

Lenten Watercolor Warmups– Each day of the remaining 34 days of Lent I will be painting on the theme of Observation. The premise is that I get to paint my top 10 favorite subjects in watercolor. I get to paint most of them 3 times but some 4 times.

To inquire about purchasing this image, please contact Alex Ferree at Please put the title of the post in your email and address your interest in the body of the letter.

The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

God created us in His image to be creative as He is. I want to celebrate that with the remaining time until Easter. I will rest on Sundays and pick up stronger on Mondays. My joy is in serving Jesus with my given talents and gifts, so I want this to be an example to people who don’t know Jesus personally. Hopefully, all can receive Him as their Lord and Savior this season and experience resurrection spiritually and then physically. I hope that all will experience the joy of new life and living more fully in this present time, pursuing what God put on their hearts to do.

Today’s subject was a Folktale. This illustration is based on a tall tale named Fog. You can read the tale at this link: Fog: From Weatherlore.


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