Cultural Subject: Transylvanian Hay Farmer

Transylvanian Hay Farmer

Flipping through National Geographic, I found this hay farmer with a cool pointy hat. He was holding a unique pitchfork made of wood.

I didn’t copy the image verbatim, but used it like a reference source. This turned out more like a book illustration.

To inquire about purchasing this image, please contact Alex Ferree at Please put the title of the post in your email and address your interest in the body of the letter.

The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

How do you glean reference to make a watercolor illustration?

It takes two or more references to make a unique illustration

You have to use information from one and apply it to the other/s

It is better if at least one of those references was from your direct source, poses from photos for instance

After compiling the information you should take the spirit of the reference and make it yours, use your style, techniques, colors


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