Figure: Muscle Man

Figure_Muscle Man WC

I chose this drawing because I had clearly mapped out the value structure of the figure. The forgiving thing about watercolors is that you can go over and over and over an area until it is as dark as you want it. Sometimes after it dries a little you see how light an area is. You may choose to add another layer of that color to darken the field. Even on thicker copy paper, watercolor responded pretty well.

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The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

If at first you don’t succeed…

  • I recommend always starting with lighter washes
  • Try to keep a 3 value system going at every point of the piece
  • The human body has curves all over the place, there is no perfectly flat area: Always imply roundedness by an easy gradation of values
  • Use chunky paint towards the end of the painting to punch out contrast in midtone areas

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