Nature Landscape: Blue Forest

Blue forest

My parents and I walked into the opening of Ash Cave in Hocking Hills. The scene was beginning to open up. Oh the beauty of the tall trees and the fall colors. I snapped a photo as we entered the clearing. Blue Forest was created from that photo. The underdrawing was a loose and expressive graphite drawing. I moved quickly and tried to maintain the basic feel through gesture and value.

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The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

From my Lenten discipline I will show you 4 consecutive weeks of monochromatic painting. You will learn how the practice benefited from each different approach.

  • The number one challenge for monochromatic (one color) paintings is keeping the value structure.
  • Do a strong underdrawing with distinct values.
  • So, paint lightly first-Use watered pigment.
  • Keep an eye on where your eye follows.
  • Darken what needs to be darkened last.
  • Texture with dry brush or commercialize on your underdrawing for interest.

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