Folktale: Paul And The Popcorn Farm

Paul Bunyan and the Popcorn Farm

I guess tall tales don’t necessarily have morals. At the end of this more obscure Paul Bunyan tale, Paul and his farmer partner do make some money back, but are still in the hole $20 grand. I guess you could say their ingenuity kept them from a severe loss, but that amount is still an annual income for low income people in today’s money. It was still a fun subject illustrate.

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The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

When making an illustration with a tall subject you want to do some of these key things to make sure that height is apparent:

  • Reserve detail for the high point: Paul’s face is more detailed and his body disappears after his waist.
  • Reserve the white space for the highest points: Notice Paul’s nose and cheekbones and different points on his fingers. Build detail around them until satisfied that the subject looks 3D.
  • Fade back: The furthest buildings and trees aren’t in detail. You can use more monochromatic color range. I reserved blue, yellow, and green for the back ground.

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