Sketch Journalism: Money For Vets

Money For Vets

I was mesmerized at first. I sat in the Hardees in Marion, IN watching the cars passed the people on the medians. Sure enough they had buckets to collect money in. What was it for? Well the sign behind the lady taking money said something to the effect of Money for Vets.

With my sketchbook I took out some gouache and decided that I was going to do this sketch without an underdrawing. The cars passed quickly and the pretty lady was not standing still for long. As a storyteller, I just wanted to get the bare bones across. Sure some of it looks unfinished, but you can tell what she is doing and I can remember when gas was below $2/gallon last.

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The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

So you wanna do a quick painting without an underdrawing?

Well, just because you don’t use a pencil, doesn’t mean there is no underdrawing.

  1. Start with a favored color. My favored color was vermillion. Use that to quickly fill in lines and values of your basic subject.
  2. Nail in the detail with a darker color. Mine was blue.
  3. Gouache will build, so you can add lighter tones later. Nail in form.
  4. Finish with trying to match colors. Don’t start with this, you’ll miss the action.

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