Bird: Standing Sea Gull

Standing Sea Gull

The little fellow captured my attention. He was after all one of many gulls coming and going. Sea gulls aren’t just coastal inhabitants. They live wild and free in central Ohio. They just love the beach and sometimes the parking lot. I caught this one on film.

What was particularly intriguing about this painting was that I did no underdrawing. I necessarily chose this route to see how far I could press the contrast of white to other colors. I used the colors on my palette, not the ones I normally use. There was no thick paint, but I experimented with texture nonetheless.

To inquire about purchasing this image, please contact Alex Ferree at Please put the title of the post in your email and address your interest in the body of the letter.

The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

So you wanna protect your whites?

  1. Start with a faint outline of your subject.
  2. Maintain that the values around the white subject should be marginally darker at least most of the way around.
  3. Pull paint away from subject.
  4. Remember, that there are very few pure white things in existence. Keep a slight variation of value in that white subject. Consider the roundedness or flatness of that subject to determine values.

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