Sketch Book Exploration: Owl Cover

SBE sketchbook cover edit

To give my students a goal to work towards, I create the piece I want them to do ahead of time.

In Sketch Book Exploration we went through the components of an illustration with text and took our concept, exploration and converted it to a cover image for our sketch books. As you can guess, I used an owl. Largely, I saw a level of creativity and ambition I rarely see when I teach adult classes. I was very proud of their finished art.

To inquire about purchasing this image, please contact Alex Ferree at Please put the title of the post in your email and address your interest in the body of the letter.

The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

So you wanna do a cover?

  1. Plan for text. How big? What shapes will it fit in?
  2. Match the image with the concept running through the book. Words in the title help with this.
  3. You want to steal a color combination from a similar cover. I used a publication that had the green and orange colors of a Hocking Hills photo.
  4. Do all of your concept drawing first. Thumbnail, sketch, full sized drawing, and color comps in that order.
  5. Use transfer paper to copy it over.  You may have to redraw it to sharpen the pencil forms.
  6. Paint last.

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