The Goose That Follows: Photo Reference

The goose ptg photo ref gray

Black and white scene

It was a really cold morning at the end of March. I met with the COPA group at about 8 am and none of us expected it would be this cold.

I surveyed the body of water and found a pleasing compositonal perspective. As an artist you have to filter out the unnecessary elements to achieve your foundation. I found the triangular motion comforting. You can see it clearest in black and white.

You have to venture out of your comfort zone.


Color version of composition

So I had a pleasing tree line with prominent pines and a calming horizontal lake. The foreground was strong the cattails, brush and tree. But was it strong enough?

Impulsively, I flipped my camera around and shot a vertical version of the same scene. I had to ask: What is so important that I change the orientation?

The answer was the cattails. I could now create contending colors with a scene in-between.

Learn more about the process of plein air painting next week.


Final photo reference


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