The Goose…Setting Up

DSCF8774Forget heaving standing easels, large mixing palettes, and things like taberets. When you paint en plein air it is akin to preparing for a hike.

Being kind of outdoorsy myself, I learned this lesson early on. I carried a satchel. It’s odd strap with all of the weighty items inside made it really difficult to climb steep inclines. Get a backpack! You are outside.

Another thing I quit doing was bringing glass containers. Think about it: If you are somewhere where there is a concrete surface, you could break it. Not only would you not have a water jar, but you would have to clean up the shards. I’d rather paint. Finish a jar of peanut butter or a container of Country Time lemonade. Clean it out thoroughly, then fill it with water. These two containers are noted specifically because of their screw on lids. You will lose less water this way.

A French easel is also necessary. The main point is that it collapses and is a box. It fits nicely in your trunk or back seat. It also has a strap that makes it easier to carry.

Put your tube paints in a container, preferably a sealable one. It’s better if the paint doesn’t explode all over your bag.

I have found that a plastic foldable palette works really well. Because I have used two separate palettes, I put one set on each side. This has a draw back. The wet paints will bleed over. You can use a piece of plastic or a paper towel to absorb the liquid.

Bring plenty of copy paper, pencils, paper towel, brushes, a sponge or a small squirting container. If you’re worried about extenuating circumstances bring a roll of toilet paper and a small bottle of hand disinfectant.

That’s all until next week. Happy painting!


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