The Goose…Prepping With Sketches

The Goose that follows sketches pen

On that cold Spring day our hands and feet had a tendency to freeze. No one really anticipated this temperature. This gave me more incentive to paint faster and not spend too much time on each step.

Once I was settled on my photo, Providence showed himself in a way that gave me one of the most unique paintings at the COPA event.

Two geese gently flew in and landed on the lake. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera, but my quick sketch allowed me to capture the event and the birds motion as they swam the lake together.

Each outdoor painting, I take the basic shapes of the scene and make thumb nails and some times rough sketches. The difference is that a thumbnail is small and shows only two values: black and white and a rough sketch is placing some detail, but not too specific.

Above you see the thumb nail sketches and then roughed out shapes like the pine trees. If you commit to studying your subject before you paint, you will have a much better painting and learn something in the process.

Thanks and have fun painting!




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