Growth And Red Roses


It was a sunny day at Whetstone Park of Roses. So sunny and bright that families passed through this little entryway garden with their kids in strollers, so many I lost track. The sun lit up all of the trees and flowers. They just emanated with with sunshine. The clouds rolled over us in billowy grays and purples and the sky was perfect blue. This was Spring colors at their best.

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The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

Protect Your Whites Even With Splatters

It’s important to know ahead of time where your whites will go.

Do a thumbnail: Make sure black and white are clear first.

Then rough sketch: Identify key details. You will want gray tones on this sketch.

Do your underdrawing: Create a drawing on your paper with specific details. If white space is not apparent in this stage it may get lost down the road.

Splatter: When you are ready to splatter color, remember that darker spaces must be next to the white space when you go crazy. Leave room for white in the splatter shapes. You may need to darken it later.

Happy splattering!


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