Juicy Winesap


I’m round. I’m red. I’m juicy. What am I?

It was a biting cold day in the fall last year when we went to the local orchard. There rule is that you can eat all the apples you want while your picking. To me winesap variety apples are the candy of apple kingdom. The ones fresh off the tree in season, were so juicy that when you bit into the apple juice ran down your arm. Needless to say, at $15 for a bag of these monster apples and an apple pie later, there was more than one single man could eat.

To cherish this experience I did a painting.

If you do a painting of your favorite fruit, you’ll want to consider the light. Where does it hit? Where is the dark part of the shadow? What is the shadow like that drops on the surface it is sitting on? With layering being a strength of watercolor you can get quite thick.

To inquire about purchasing this image, please contact Alex Ferree at mstudioartworks@gmail.com. Please put the title of the post in your email and address your interest in the body of the letter.


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