Day 30: A Happy Wedding

30 Days of Watercolor Illustration -Kingdom

All of the friends of Prince Lindberger joined in the dance: Mr. Curds, the Milk Maid, Sir Mouse,  Swissy the Cow, Milkywhey the horse, and of course stunning Brie. And they all lived happily ever after, making cheese, butter, and other assorted dairy products.

#Cheese, #Fantasy, #humor, #Dairy, #illustration, #Lynd Fruit Farm, #Peach event, #watercolor, #Art Class


On 8/12/17 I will teaching a class on how to paint peaches at the Lynd Fruit Farm Market on. There are 3 different times you can  book during the day. The cost is $20/Class. Seating is limited. You can click on this link to reserve your place: Watercolor Class Peach Event.


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