The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience site comes from the necessity of experiential learning in the art field. This site is dedicated sharing what I learn with others who have an interest in improving their craft in visual art and to selling art through personal stories.

Watercolor is used in the general sense. Aside from the standard block or tube of watercolor it also could mean acrylic, gouache, inks, watercolor pencils, water-based oils, casein, or even a mix of these.

Drawing and photography are also used to explain the process. It’s my conviction that the best art usually starts with good reference and a strong articulation in drawing.

Additionally, this site aims to express a diversity of purposes for water media. Primarily you will see fine art paintings here, but on occasion I venture into illustration, comics, journalling, animation, layouts, character design, and graphic design.

Though I have offered instruction in the past, at this time it is by request only. I would offer a couple of packages of possibilities for groups or as a one-on-one tutor.

Email any questions, comments, concerns or requests to mstudioartworks@gmail.com. Send me your information and you will be added to a regular newsletter. I post events here, but there are some that are exclusive to email subscribers. I post regular updates and resources to this site.




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