Cafe Int'l Live Painting Demo

Alex Ferree

Artist-Instructor-Owner of The OWLE

Artist Biography

In 2003 Alex Ferree graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a degree in illustration.

Since graduation he has had art in Cafe International, Cultivating Growth Art Show, and Salon Hotel Lilly and has worked as an assistant instructor and instructor for different art persuasions.

Alex has lead Vineyard Columbus’s art ministry, Visual Sanctuary, since 2008 and has facilitated and lead many projects.

Artist Statement

My expressive watercolors offer a vibrant look at the natural world. With expressive strokes I tell the story of the setting. Locations are chosen where people, animals and buildings often interact in the narrative of the natural world.

I work with primary colors and use different methods to apply layers of color. My work is a practice in expression that brings forward the beauty in the lit subjects. I create as much from my imagination as the source material. I utilize photography to find the subject and draw to construct interesting compositions. The viewer should find the subject as interesting as the expression and color combinations used to represent the scene.


Alex Ferree



One response to “About

  1. Alex,
    Are you available for Sara and I to come to your place this Saturday and peruse the art you have for sale? Anytime will work for us that day although we do like to nap the kids from 2-5 usually, but we can be flexible.


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